Care and cleaning of upholstered furniture

//Care and cleaning of upholstered furniture

Care and cleaning of upholstered furniture

Care and cleaning of upholstered furnitureCleaning your upholstery regularly is a necessity, especially for families with children or pets.  Lots of bacteria, dust, food, soils, pet hair and more can settle in your furniture, so having an annual cleaning routine is very important. However, it is common for homeowners to clean their furniture improperly, or not know the best way to go about it. Here are some for maintenance of your upholstery between professional cleanings.

Use a blanket or a towel on your pet’s favorite spot on the sofa.

Care and cleaning of upholstered furnitureAnd wash it regularly.  When unexpected guests drop by, you can whisk the towel or blanket away and ask visitors to take a seat that won’t cover them with hair.  A pet hair removal brush with rubber bristles and a scraper-type edge can be the best tool in your arsenal.  Inexpensive lint rollers or even packaging tape wrapped around your hand and applied to the cushions will remove a variety of messes.  And, of course, vacuum your upholstery far more often than you think you need to.

Use the right cleaning products.

A common mistake for upholstery cleaning is using the wrong cleaning products.  If you are unsure of which products to use, a quick tip is to contact the manufacturer or retailer and ask what they suggest you use.

Avoid using any kind of product until you are sure of its effectiveness and correct properties for cleaning your furnishings.  Otherwise you’re putting your furniture at risk for staining, setting in stains, discoloration and further damage.

Do a test patch.

Care and cleaning of upholstered furnitureIt’s important to test the cleaning product over a small patch of the soil on the upholstery.  Once you see that the product works, then carry it out to the rest of the piece.  It’s important that you are using the right cleaning method. Doing otherwise can cause damage to your upholstered items.

Don’t soak with water.

One of the biggest mistakes in upholstery cleaning is soaking your items in water.  Using a large amount of water can actually deepen stains and cause further damage to the spot.

Be aware of the material.

There are different cleaning techniques for different materials. A leather sofa is very different from a microfiber sofa, so be sure you are cleaning everything correctly and based on the type of material on your furnishings.

Make sure you are cleaning your furniture frequently.

Care and cleaning of upholstered furnitureTo extend the life of your upholstery it’s good to have it professionally cleaned every eighteen months. Following professional steam cleaning, you will want to have a protective coating applied so the upholstery will repel messes before absorbing them.  You should also vacuum your furniture every two weeks, especially if you have pets, and be sure to treat any stains right away!

Hire a professional.

A great professional option for your upholstery cleaning in the Las Vegas area is A1 Carpet Care.  Our goal is to make each new customer a lifetime client by providing personal attention to their needs in a timely, courteous and expert manner.  We are determined to provide excellent service at a fair price.  What sets us apart from other companies is that we do all the work ourselves. There is no subcontracting – so our quality remains high. We require that our technicians participate in an ongoing program of training and certification for all the things we clean.  We take pride in our work.

When it comes to upholstery cleaning, our residential and commercial steam cleaning customers know how well we clean, disinfect and deodorize their delicate or sturdy upholstery pieces.  Specialty fibers such as wool, cotton, antique fibers and silk require an experienced, delicate approach and we take that.  A professional cleaning from A1 Carpet Care will brighten up your living space and provide a much more comfortable, clean and healthy environment for family and friends.

For more information about us or to set up upholstery cleaning, contact us today!

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