Carpet cleaning do’s and dont’s

//Carpet cleaning do’s and dont’s

Carpet cleaning do’s and dont’s

Carpet cleaning do's and dont'sCarpet cleaning do’s and don’ts

When carpets and rugs are cleaned properly and regularly they look their best and last longer.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you take steps to maintain your beautiful rugs and carpets.


Don’t go with the cheapest price you can find.  You may be ripped off by carpet cleaners who lack the proper training, equipment and cleaning solutions to give you a fair and proper cleaning.

Carpet cleaning do's and dont'sDon’t forget to have protectant applied to your newly cleaned carpets and rugs.   Using stain guard will provide premium top-to-bottom protection of every fiber in your carpets or rugs.  It will help to protect from permanent staining, help prevent uneven wear, make vacuuming easier and more effective, and will prolong your floor covering’s life.

Don’t forget to use a good pad beneath your area rug.  They greatly prevent wear and slip-and-fall mishaps.



Clean your area rugs and carpets as frequently as the manufacturer recommends.  For starters, your warranty may go out of effect if you don’t clean according to the schedule.  The reason the manufacturers recommend regular cleaning is that it will help to prevent the grit and surface soiling that lead to a dull appearing carpet or rug.

Carpet cleaning do's and dont'sHire a reputable firm with certified technicians.  They will have gone through rigorous training in many aspects of carpet and rug care.  You want to know that the person in your home really knows what they’re doing!

Always have your area rugs taken out of your home to be cleaned.  Your wet rug may negatively affect other flooring as it sits out to dry.

Vacuum your rugs and carpets often – as often as once daily if you have pets in your home.

Rotate your rugs 180 degrees at least once a year.

Be ready when spots and spills happen!  Use white paper towels to remove solids and to absorb liquids.  Avoid using commercial carpet cleaning products or home remedies!  Call your carpet cleaning professionals to come out at the earliest opportunity after the carpet or rug is soiled.

Eco-friendly cleaning is important for your home.  By going green when having your carpets and rugs cleaned, your family’s and pet’s long term health may be improved.  It will reduce or eliminate certain chemicals in cleaning solutions that have been linked to asthma and allergies.

Carpet cleaning do's and dont'sTake special care of your area rugs by:  rotating regularly, blocking sunlight, flipping the rug to allow the fringe to become untangled (never comb the fringe), vacuuming frequently, spot cleaning as needed, using a pad beneath the rug, airing the rug outdoors occasionally, and having professional cleaning done regularly.

Your carpet and rugs are some of the more costly appointments in your home.  A1 Carpet Care provides impeccable service and experienced technicians to help keep them looking better longer!

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