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Henderson Upholstery Cleaning

 A1 Henderson Upholstery Cleaning

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A1 Henderson upholstery cleaning will keep your furniture looking its best, whether we’re cleaning a family heirloom, a new purchase, or a thrift store find. You can trust A1 Henderson upholstery cleaners to clean, re-fresh and revive each piece professionally.

Henderson Upholstery CleaningLike so many things in your home, every piece of upholstered furniture is unique and requires special care.

  • Our upholstery cleaners are specially trained and certified technicians who have expertise in many difficult-to-clean materials, including silk, chenilles, suedes, ultrasuedes and velvet.
  • Before beginning, our upholstery cleaning specialists carefully inspect the fabric and construction of each piece before selecting the cleaning method best suited for your material.
  • We also offer deodorizer services.





A1 Henderson Upholstery Cleaning Techs

A1 Henderson upholstery cleaning technicians are expertly trained in all types of fabric care. So whether your favorite surface is cotton, silk, micro fiber, suede or one of the many other fabrics available, A1 Henderson Upholstery Cleaning will leave your upholstery allergen free and looking like new!

A1 Henderson upholstery cleaning technicians use specially designed equipment to reach into the folds of your upholstery, and using non toxic chemicals, we remove dirt, dust mites, mildew and other allergens that build up in your furniture and cause allergies and odors in your home.

Protect Your Investments

Purchasing new furniture is not an easy decision, and with A1 Henderson upholstery cleaning technicians top of the line cleaning methods, we will keep your investment looking like new. While most new furniture comes pre-treated with a protective treatment, the treatment wears off over time and leaves your upholstered surfaces vulnerable.

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