Professional tile and grout cleaning

//Professional tile and grout cleaning

Professional tile and grout cleaning

Professional tile and grout cleaningTile flooring is a common option for not only kitchens and bathrooms, but also in other, larger areas of homes and businesses in the Las Vegas valley.  Part of the reason people choose tiled floor is due to the large variety of beautiful tiles now available and due to the durability of the material.  And while new tile flooring looks wonderful, with the passage of time, the grout lines between the tiles become soiled by absorbing water, grease, grime, oils and cleaning agents from mopping.  In fact, the hard work you put in with a regular mopping schedule can actually make your grout lines look worse over time.  This occurs when the mop water used to clean a floor seeps into grout lines and stays there.  Without professional cleaning, your grout lines will continue to take on dirt and grime, discoloring your tile floor only in some areas or even entirely.

Professional tile and grout cleaningHome and business owners often struggle to effectively remove dirt from their discolored grout lines.  That’s why A1 Home Services – Carpet Care offers professional tile and grout cleaning done the right way.  Our certified technicians use powerful hot water extraction equipment to accomplish what ordinary mopping cannot.  Our methods utilize cleaning equipment, heat, cleaning solutions, pressurized water and vacuums to loosen and remove embedded grime.  The right tools of the trade and the training and certification obtained by our technicians go far beyond what the average homemaker can access.

Professional tile and grout cleaningThe nature of grout is that it is spongy and porous – it naturally absorbs soil, oils, grease and mopping cleaners, which leads to discoloration.  To prevent the grout lines from discoloring and prevent the consistent need for professional cleaning, have your clean grout lines sealed.  Sealant is transparent, so not only will it protect your grout lines from soil, it will not alter the grout’s color and it will keep the grout looking great.  Once grout sealant is applied you’ll find it easier to effectively clean your floors between professional cleanings.

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