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Carpet Repairs

A1 Carpet Care Repairs

Carpet is a soft, heavy fabric/fiber covering for a hard floor surface. Carpet and rugs were originally created to act as environmental filters for living areas. Carpet gets a lot of traffic, and chances are, most people will incur some form of carpet damage from time to time. And there are steps other than replacing the carpet or artfully arranging your furniture to hide the flaws. A1 Carpet Care’s IICRC-certified repair technicians perform a variety of repairs each day, leaving the carpet looking as good as new.





A1 Carpet Care Technicians Are Trained To Handle

  • Loose Carpet on Stairs
  • Removal of Candle Wax
  • Repairing of Carpet Snags
  • Repairing of Carpet Dents
  • Repairing of Carpet Rippling
  • Removal of Gum
  • Seam Repair
  • Removal of Carpet Stains
  • Repairing Split Seams & Tears
  • Repairing of Faded Carpet
  • Repairing of Carpet Sprouting

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