Carpet Pet Stain Removal and Odor Removal by Certified Technicians

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Pet Stain Removal

Pet Urine and Odor Removal

Urine, whether human or animal, has three main components:

  1. Urea, a slightly sticky substance.
  2. Urochrome which gives urine its yellow color.
  3. Uric Acid – a mild acid, rich in nitrogen.

Uric acid contains non-soluble salt crystals, which present the biggest challenge to removing urine from surfaces, fabrics and fibers.

The first two components of urine can be washed away with ordinary cleaning and commercially-available urine odor products. But the uric acid crystals are extremely insoluble and remain tightly bonded to surfaces. After initial cleaning and drying with ordinary products, it may appear that the problem is solved. However, any type of moisture will reactivate those remaining crystals and the smell returns, as strong as ever.

Our unique cleaning process includes the use of protein-digesting enzymes that will literally “eat away” uric acid crystals. Once the crystals are broken down by the enzymes, they are easily extracted from your carpet by our steam cleaning process. In more severe cases, pet urine can penetrate into the carpet padding and sub-floor. We offer several levels of treatment from applications of specialized deodorizers, up to removal and replacement of contaminated carpet, padding, and sealing of the sub-floor. We can provide a treatment that fits both your needs and budget.

A1 Carpet Care’s disinfectant contains an exclusive biocidal agent directed at odor-causing bacteria and fungi such as aspergillus and penicillium. A specialized procedure is used to apply it deep within the fibers of carpets. Carpet fibers are softer and longer-lasting after being cleaned and sanitized. Best of all, you can experience new home freshness every day with the knowledge that you’ve got the cleanest carpets and upholstery.

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