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Carpet & Rug Protection

Stainguard for your Carpet & Upholstery

StainguardHas this happened to you? Two weeks after you had your carpets professionally cleaned, you spill something and watch in frustration as the carpet soaks it up like a sponge. Or you pay to have your carpet professionally cleaned and 3 months later, it looks worse than it did before you had it cleaned. Instead of paying to have your carpets cleaned every 6 months, you can have them cleaned once, spend a little extra, and have each fiber coated with stain guard protection.

This product is an invisible coating designed to protect your carpet, supplying several benefits, in that it helps to protect against both oil-based and water-based stains; helps stains release more easily when carpets and furniture are steam cleaned; protects the carpet fibers from premature damage; allows you to blot up and remove spills before they become permanent stains; improves the effects of your routine vacuuming – the dirt is easier to pick up! For only a few cents per square foot, you can enjoy your clean carpets much longer.

Our stain guard is the ultimate product in carpet protection. An advanced formula of fluorochemicals and acid dye blockers form an invisible barrier against dirt and stains. Our protector is co-applied to insure added protection from the bottom of the fiber to the top. Most other carpet cleaning companies apply a fine mist of protector after the cleaning. This only touches the tips of the fibers, wearing off easily and having very little effect. That’s why A1 Carpet Care’s protector refreshes the performance of stain resistant carpets, fortifying their ability to resist soiling and staining.

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